This site is dedicated to Philately - the hobby of collecting and appreciating stamps.

I belong to a local philatelic society and are currently the Secretary of the society. I also manage our web site and you are welcome to visit it, just follow the link below.

I collect stamps depicting Disney characters. I chose this specific theme because I can't see how anyone would want to look at "boring" old burgundy and brown stamps when they can look at the colourful Disney stamps. That is a personal opinion and I can appreciate the effort that goes into a Classical collection.

The first National Philatelic Exhibition I took part in (Jopex 1999), was hosted during September 1999 in Johannesburg. I didn't expect to receive anything and was very proud when a Certificate of Merrit was awarded for my exhibition. The best, however, was the chance that I had to actually speak to one of the judges and to get firsthand criticism on my exhibit. Now I really knew what I didn't do correct and could plan to implement the advice I got. Sadly, the specific judge didn't think my exhibit had the potential to ever score more than a Silver Bronze due to the limited material available. But, I planned to show them wrong. Someone told me 5 years before that my collection will never win anything and I've won our society's Thematic Cup a year later and now a Certificate of Merrit at a National Exhibition!

In 2005, after reworking my exhibit at least 5 times, I took part in Capex 2005, which was hosted in Cape Town during October 2005. Here, I was awarded a Silver for my revamped Disney exhibition. I have shifted my focus from just displaying the colourfull Disney stamps to telling the history of Walt Disney and his corporation with the help of stamps.

Six years later, I have expanded my exhibit to 48 pages (3 frames) and took part in Capex 2011, which was hosted in Cape Town during October 2011. This time I was awarded a Large Silver for my new version, receiving very high marks for the overall quality and display of the exhibit. I was marked down on philatelic material and this is my next focus point for improvement.

Below you will find a link to my Capex 2011 exhibition. Please visit it and make comments - especially if you have ideas on how I can improve on the last version.

Bellville Philatelic Society Homepage: The Bellville Philatelic Society meets once a month in the Bellville Library Auditorium, Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa. Visit our site to find out what we do at our meetings, get updated versions of our newletter and year program and visit other sites which are philately related.

Capex 2011 - Walt Disney - A Living Legacy

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